CRIRES+ at SPIE Edinburgh

Some of us are at the SPIE meeting in Edinburgh, here are their contributions:


  • Fri 01 Jul at 11:00 GMT: Characterizing the cross dispersion reflection gratings of CRIRES+. R. Follert
  • Sun 26 Jun at 17:00 GMT: The “+” for CRIRES: enabling better science at infrared wavelength and high spectral resolution at the ESO VLT. R Dorn (Proceedings paper PDF)


  • The VLT/CRIRES+ calibration unit: design, integration, and test results including a novel Fabry-Perot etalon for wavelength calibration from 1-5μm. U. Seemann



FDR group photo

The CRIRES+ consortium and a few of the Final Design Review board members visit the integration hall at ESO Garching. In the background to the left the new warm optics table can be seen; behind it is the open dewar of the cold part.