Bi-weekly telecon

We had another productive telecon between people from ESO and the consortium.

Noteworthy updates include

  • The option to add linear polarimetry, in addition to circular, is being investigated and it looks like this might become a reality.
  • The plan for characterizing the cross-disperser gratings at PTB Berlin takes form.
  • The current CRIRES instrument was removed from the VLT a few weeks ago and the first part of shipment has arrived in Garching and unpacking is underway.
  • The preliminary design review (PDR) is still planned for early 2015 and the list of responsibles for the various documents was discussed. These documents will be a major discussion point at the consortium meeting at ESO headquarters on October 24.

It was also decided that this consortium website is a good idea, so we will put up more information the near future.